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What Trash Factory?


Trash Factory
is a community and production facility for creative individuals and groups who believe in trash as an alternative to virgin material in design and production.
Trash Factory's activities started in early 2013 at Haarajoki. By the end of the year we moved to Numminen, a place more inspiring with the right kind of atmosphere.

Dodo, Trash Design and Trash Factory

We are all part of the same family, dodo, Trash Design and Trash Factory, thinking in the same way that our resources should be handled with care.


Trash Factory is located some 50 km North of Helsinki in Numminen , in the Southern part of Mäntsälä.
You reach us by Z-train to Lahti, step of at Haarajoki station and call to ask if someone can pick you up. We are some 12 km from the station (as far from Mäntsälä station).
By bike it is a good 1,5 hours from Helsinki, by car some 40 minutes.


At Numminen we have heated space of some 100 m2 equipped with tools for wood and metal working, mainly hand tools.
Besides workshop space we have an office space, showroom and our house 20 m away. Covered storage space is available outside.
We are co-operating with different companies that supply us with surplus material, waste and trash.


As a community we have better possibilities to get publicity, to sell projects and to have fun working. Splitting the costs make it affordable to work at Trash Factory.

Apply now!

Trash Factory has started, we already have some groups working with us. 600 m2 sounds big, but we set a limit to the number of people working at the Trash Factory.
If you are interested and think your philosophy fits with our ideas, you are more than welcome to come and visit us at the Trash Factory.
Your project may be the making of a prototype, or you can work for a day, a week, a month or longer periods of time. All options are negotiable.

Trashfactory activity / action is supported by Creademo / Avek-support